XLab Mini'X3

€1,995.00 tax excl.

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A machine of European quality, at the price of Chinese machines!




Rapid displacement: Up to 4500 mm / Min

Cutout: 2500 mm / mm

Machining with quality surface finish

Control of the milling spindle speed up to 24,000 rpm by programming

(Most entry-level CNCs do not allow speed adjustment)

Ventilated spindle air cooling 1500w 400Hz 220v 24,000 rpm

Rapid movements: 4,500 mm / min (Z: 2,500mm / min)

Machining displacement up to 2500mm / min

Machine measured precision: 0.03mm in repositioning.

Possibility of tool change during machining

XYZ Electromagnetic Contactors

Referencing of origins to find your work location every time

Whether you draw in 2D (Inkscape, Illustrator, ...) or 3D (Fusion360, Autodesk AutoCad, ...) you can cut with our CNC solution

We provide the Post-processors to go directly from Fusion360 to CNC machining,

As an option, you can acquire a CAM BAM micence if you want to use your 2D drawings from Adobe Illustrator, or Inkscape

Many Youtube training tutorials provided.

This machine is used in technical high schools, schools, etc. to train students in the machining trades.

Specific version of Mach3 complete and easy to use

Mach3 CNC Newfangled Solutions

Main screen of the control software of your CNC

All essential functions at your fingertips

Recherche automatique des origines (Précision 0.03mm)

Important information

Machine delivered bare with a ø6mm ER Collet only.

Accessories such as clamping kit, vice, ER collets, cutters, etc., must be ordered in addition.

Software provided:

  • Mach3 Version Fr, ES or US
  • ScreenSet Mach3 Xlab in French, Spanish, English
  • PostProcessors from drawing software: Fusion3D, CamBam, SolidWorks, ....

The machines with tool changer are delivered with a single collet holder, ER20 collet ø6mm

It is also necessary to provide a compressor, without compressed air the spindle may suffer irreparable damage not covered by the warranty.


Data sheet

Surface du plateau
Puissance de Broche
Air cooled
Hauteur Z
Porte Pince
Logiciels fournis
Mach3 & Screen Set XLab
Postprocesseur Fusion360 | CAmBam | SolidWorks ...
Feeding motors XYZ
NEMA23 - 3.0A - 2Nm - 75w
XYZ sensors
Electro (Hall)

Specific References

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