Buchette & Abrasifs pour tonneaux

Order here your logs and abrasives for your polishing barrels

Our sticks and abrasives are of organic origin and allow polishing, wood, horn, acetates, etc ...


The process works in TWO STEPS MINIMUM

The third step is optional

Tax excluded

Buchettes available: (Buchettes sold by Kg)

8x8 in boxwood => For primary abrasion. (Step I)

Mix 8x8 + 4x4 => For buffing (Step II)

4x4 boxwood. =>. For the optional finsih (optional Stage III)

The logs are sold by Kilo.

3 - 4 kilo is necessary for our barrels 35 Frames

0.5 Kilo is required for our 10 Mount barrels

Polishing paste abrasives (sold by 250Grs)

50 to 100grs are enough to activate 1kg of logs.

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